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What We Do

We use state-of-the-art technology and carry out business research for developing the leading yeast products worldwide.

Our Logo: Full of Power and Activity

Fission of biological cells and their growth has been an inspiration. As a biological cell keeps growing and birthing new life, it symbolizes an Angel will keep moving forward and growing stronger. This motivated us to keep the name of our business Angel.

Mission: The mission of our company is to develop yeast biotechnology and innovate for healthy life.

Vision: Our vision has always been to be an Internationally specialized biotechnology group.

Core Values

  • Staff Based: We have respect for the creativity, knowledge and talents of our staff members.
  • Customer-oriented: We keep a close tab over the concerns of our customers and remain committed to create value for them.
  • Technology and Quality: These two values are the strongest driving forces of our company. For this reason, our offered Biological Culture Media and Basic Yeast Extract are loved by everyone.

Our Milestones


Milestones Achieved


Angel Yeast was introduced in the market through National Yeast Pilot Base Project.


Expanded first yeast plant and the production capacity increased to be 4000 tons.


The foundation of our group Hubei Angel Biotechnology Group Limited was laid.


Listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange.


Founded Baking and Chinese Dim Sum Technical Center.


Founded Yeast Extract Dept & Animal Nutrition Department.


Another department was founded named as Microbial Nutrition Dept


Founded Brewing & Biofuels Dept.


We began yeast production in Dankov, Russia.


Another yeast extract line was established in Egypt.


Began export by establishing Free Trade Zone Company.


Special Enzymes Dept was set up in Beni Suef, Egypt.

Strict Quality Management

The safety and quality of our offerings has always been our priority. Our unwavering commitment to never compromise with these two has made us one of the best business partners to ally with. The quality guidelines we follow at our company include CNAS, Sedex, ISO and Kosher. Owing to which, our Basic Yeast Extract and other products are always highly appreciated in the market.

Our Research Institute

Our group has been adhering to its innovative research in the domain of producing yeast, bio-technologies and other derivatives by concentrating advantageous resources, studying deeply and developing yeast functions. Thus, striving to build a yeast research base with highly independent R&D.

A year ago, in 2021, using our R&D department, we re-integrated the technology and established 9 technology centers. Through these centers, we are stepping towards the global bio-technology industry and offering Biological Culture Media to our clients.

  • Scientific Research Team: Currently, we have 640 scientific and technological personnel including 7 provincial management experts, 163 masters, 12 doctors, 2 state council allowance experts.
  • R&D platform: We have a scientific research workstation and Hubei Yeast engineering technology research center that functions to perform high-level research.
  • Technological Innovation: Our company undertakes and completes ministerial scientific research and National provincial projects. By completing 32 projects, we are honored with 46 awards for technological and scientific progress.

We are restructuring and upgrading 9 major technology centers including:

  • Yeast and Strain Resource Technology Center
  • Baking and Health Food Technology Center
  • Protein Nutrition and Seasoning Technology Center
  • Biological Agricultural Technology Center
  • Industrial Microbiology and Brewing Technology Center

  • Environmental Protection Technology Center
  • Nutrition and Health Technology Center
  • Biocatalysis and Enzyme Technology Center
  • Industrial Innovation Technology Center


  • The society: Apart from offering Basic Yeast Extract, Biological Culture Media, Cosmetic Ingredients and other products, we have rendered training to over 500,000 people, who are now renowned bakers, confectioners and other business entrepreneurs.
  • The Environment: Our company believes that keeping our environment green and clean is a part of our competitiveness. For this reason, we pursue a sustainable development approach.
  • The Economy: To support small and medium-sized enterprises in Yichang, we have founded a Biotechnology Public Service Center there.

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